Volume 2: A Tribute to Ray Johnson

Table of Contents

Blake Hobby, Executive Editor
Brian Butler, Associate Editor
Kate Dempsey, Guest Editor

Spring 2012

Introduction by Kate Dempsey
Ray Johnson Biography by Michael von Uchtrup
Kenneth Snelson interviewed by Connie Bostic, transcribed by Jolene Mechanic
From Art to Experience: The Porous Philosophy of Ray Johnson by Johanna Gosse
To Ray J, George Brecht Knows, George Brecht’s Nose: The Development of Ray Johnson’s and George Brecht’s Participatory and Dialogic Practices by Julie J. Thomson
Weaving Correspondence: Anni Albers and Ray Johnson by Kate Erin Dempsey


Reading Ray: Vanderbeek Deep

On Reading Ray
Reading Ray 1 by Johanna Gosse
Reading Ray 2 by Julie J. Thomson
Reading Ray 3 by Kate Erin Dempsey
Reading Ray 4 by Sebastian Matthews