Museum Publications

BMCM+AC has produced 35+ print publications to date, including exhibition catalogues and chapbooks. The museum’s publications extend BMC-related art and research to broader audiences, ensuring the longevity of our projects.


Faith in Arts Chapbooks

Stemming from the Faith in Arts Institute, a partnership between BMCM+AC and UNC Asheville, BMCM+AC has published five chapbooks in collaboration with Atelier Éditions. Volumes 1-5 can be purchased individually or as a set. They include:

Vol 1: John Cage: Art, Life & Zen is an exploration of celebrated avant-garde composer John Cage and the many ways Zen Buddhism influenced his inventive practice. Featuring Cage’s writings, stories, and artworks, with new contributions from artist Laurie Anderson, poet J Mae Barizo, author Kay Larson, and poet Richard Chess.

Vol 2: Stendhal Syndrome: Art as a Transcendent Experience looks at art’s power to bewitch and offer profound and spiritual experiences, featuring artist-designed chapels across the world, and contributions from author Chloe Aridjis and art historian James Elkins. The term “Stendhal syndrome” was coined by a Florence psychiatrist to describe the strange condition she observed in patients overwhelmed by the artistic wonders of the city.

Vol 3: M. C. Richards: Pots, Poems & Pedagogy conveys M.C. Richards’ life as a creative act, full of wisdom and wonder. Introduced by her longtime friend Julia Connor, this collection brings together a glimpse of the free wheeling artist’s far-reaching practice, from pottery and painting to poetry, pedagogy, and spiritualism. With excerpts from Richards’ writing, an array of her artworks and hand-written ephemera, plus contributions from choreographer Merce Cunningham, writer Sally Chakwin, and artists Grace Villamil, and Jennie Jieun Lee.

Vol 4: The Quiet House: Stillness in Lake Eden chronicles the significance of a small stone house on a peaceful grove in Lake Eden, North Carolina. Built singlehandedly by artist Alex Reed, this structure served as a sanctuary for reflection, frequented by a number of Black Mountain College artists and poets. This collection analyzes the building’s unique history, with photographs by Robert Rauschenberg and Hazel Larsen Archer, works on paper by Ruth Asawa, text from writers Michael Beggs, John ColmanWood, and Ellen Mara De Wachter, and a meditative exercise from Yael Greenberg.

Vol 5: THE LAND: Stories of the Soil explores how the beguiling landscape of Lake Eden supplied creative inspiration to many Black Mountain College artists. In the 1930s, when a farm was founded there by a patchwork of students, farmers, and faculty, the Appalachian land also helped feed the community. These pages unearth the rich soil of the area through a diverse collection of voices, including a poetic history of place by Isabella Losskarn, David Silver’s lively story of the college’s renegade farm, a Cherokee folktale from Kathi Littlejohn, poems by Jeffrey Beam, David Weinrib, and M.C. Richards, a nature journal brimming with flora and fauna from Mari Yamashita de Moya, and artworks by Josef and Anni Albers.

Black Mountain College Dossiers

In 1995, Mary Holden launched a series of publications called Black Mountain College Dossiers, with the first devoted to BMC painter Joseph Fiore. Part exhibition catalogue part critical study, the dossiers make a worthy contribution to the scholarship around some of BMC’s less famous but very talented artists and writers. Today, these publications are some of the most noteworthy forays into BMC art and history available to readers.


Black Mountain College and Mexico (BMC/MX)
Weaving at Black Mountain College: Anni Albers, Trude Guermonprez, and Their Students
Jo Sandman / TRACES
VanDerBeek + VanDerBeek
Between Form and Content: Perspectives on Jacob Lawrence + Black Mountain College
Begin To See: The Photographers Of Black Mountain College
ACTIVE ARCHIVE: Martha McDonald—Process + Performance
Zola Marcus: Kinetic Origins
Hazel Larsen Archer: BMC Photographer
Randy Shull: Wide Open
M.C. Richards, Centering: Life + Art—100 Years
Ray Spillenger: Rediscovery of a Black Mountain Painter
CONVERGENCE / DIVERGENCE: Exploring Black Mountain College + Chicago's New Bauhaus / Institute of Design
Dan Rice: Painter Among The Poets
Cynthia Homire: Vision Quest
Breaking New Ground: The Studio Potter + Black Mountain College
Black Mountain College: Shaping Craft & Design
John Urbain: No Ideas but in Things
Pat Passlof: Selections 1948-2011
From BMC to NYC : The Tutelary Years of Ray Johnson 1943-1967
In Site: Late Works by Irwin Kremen
Selections from the Permanent Collection of BMCM
Emerson Woelffer: At The Center + The Edge
Remembering Black Mountain College
Black Mountain Days, by Michael Rumaker

The Journal of Black Mountain College Studies

JBMCS is a multidisciplinary open-access digital publication of the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center. The Journal seeks to host diverse works by writers and artists of varied backgrounds. Founded in 2005 by editors Brian Butler and Blake Hobby, the journal has published 14 volumes as of September 2023.

The Jargon Society

BMCM+AC is honored to announce that the Jargon Society, the highly significant small-press publisher founded in 1951 by Jonathan Williams (Asheville native, Black Mountain College alumnus, poet, publisher and photographer) is now under the museum’s auspices. Learn more and shop select publications.

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