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Reuter Center Lobby – UNC Asheville – Registration/check-in begins


Ongoing throughout the conference

Reuter Center Lobby

Mark Dixon and Jonathan Henderson – Anechoia Memoriam: An Interactive Performance for Typewriter and Piano


Outside on the patio

Shawn Protz and NC State University students with Noura Howell and Georgia Tech students – A happening for a happening, an immersive inflatable experience


1:30 – 3:00pm                                   

Panel #1 – Room 206

Moderator: Rick Chess

Siu Challons-Lipton – Artistic Literacy: Black Mountain College and 21st Century Education

Irene Hall – Go Ask Alice: The Influence of Alice Chipman Dewey on John Dewey and Black Mountain College

Borim Song – Black Mountain College Artists Explored in Elementary STEAM Lessons


Panel #2 Room 207

Moderator: Jack Michael

Marcia R. Cohen – A Circuitous Path: John Cage, Mushrooms, Thoreau and Haiku…Oh My!

Rennie Tang – Performing Charcoal Landscapes

George Elvin – Drawing Silence: Drawing as a Search for Stillness


Panel #3 Room 205

Moderator: Tom Frank

Callous Physical Theatre (Joséphine Garibaldi & Paul Zmolek) – Dialogic Devising in [Cage(d) Time] | Strategies of Scoring Indeterminacy | Runescores

Laura Sellers – Response to John Cage’s Mycological Foray

Blanca Bercial – What constitutes silence?


Panel #4 Room 230

Moderator: Mary Holden Thompson

Topher Lineberry – Black Mountain College: Eclipsing the Local in Artworld Memory

Carl Schmitz – “I have nothing to say and I am saying it”: John Cage and the Abstract Expressionist Ego

Emily Ruth Capper – Cage, Kaprow, and the Experimental Lecture


3:15 – 4:00pm                                   

Manheimer Room

JACK Quartet and John Luther Adams in conversation – Leading up to the world premiere of John Luther Adams’ Waves and Particles, the composer and members of JACK Quartet discuss the work.


4:15- 5:15pm                        

Manheimer Room

KEYNOTE – Laura Kuhn (executive director, John Cage Trust) & Jeff Arnal (executive director, BMC Museum + Arts Center) discuss the life and work of John Cage. Accompanied by a slideshow of rare photographs from the John Cage Trust.


7:30 – 9:30pm                                   

BMC Museum + Arts Center (120 College St., downtown Asheville)

World premiere of John Luther Adams’ Waves + Particles by JACK Quartet, commissioned by BMCM+AC

On view – Don’t Blame it on Zen: The Way of John Cage & Friends curated by Jade Dellinger

8:00 – 9:00am

Reuter Center Lobby, UNC Asheville – Meet + Greet


9:00 – 10:30am

Panel #1 – Room 206

Moderator: Julie Levin Caro

Corey Loftus & Madison Bell-Rosof – Studies Made on the Typewriter: Anni Albers’s Innovative Approach to Teaching Textile Design at Black Mountain College

Michael Beggs – In Search of Alex Reed

Jennifer Nieling – The Nantucket Looms: Historicism, Modernism, and the Legacy of Black Mountain College


Panel #2 – Room 207

Moderator: Adam Blair

Listening to Silence: Phenomenological Reflections on John Cage

Adam Blair – Actively Listening to Cage’s Silence: How to Draw One’s Attention to the Present

Molly Kelly – Silence Becomes Something Else: Cage, Al-Saji, and a Phenomenology of (Sonic) Hesitation

Caleb Faul – Uncaging Artistic Experience: John Cage and the Structure of Indistinction


Panel #3 – Room 205

Moderator: Tiffany Funk

Lauren C Sudbrink will perform “Audience Participatory Performance”

Christopher M. Reeves – The Limits Grant Permission to Stray: Cage through Julius Eastman, Charlotte Moorman, and Glenn Branca

Chaz Evans – Cage’s history of gameplay

Tiffany Funk – John Cage and Lejaren Hiller’s HPSCHD (1967-1969)


Panel #4 – Room 230

Moderator: Sadie Bowen

Ann Warde – Collaboration and Experiment in Cage and Hiller’s HPSCHD: Messages for a future global world

Jesse Kitt & Rose Kaz – Resurrecting Theatre Piece Number One

Maisie Ridgway – Waking John Cage: Language Sounding Itself in ‘Roaratorio’


10:00am – 1:00pm

Reuter Center Lobby

Robert Ladislas Derr and collaborators – Sound of Days performance


10:45am – 12:15pm                         

Panel #1 – Room 206

Moderator: Kate Anderson

David Silver – Burying a cow and other desperate stories about food and the farm during the last gasps of Black Mountain College, 1954-56

Henry Voigt – Lou Bernard “Barney” Voigt (1915-1953): A family history

Thomas Frank – The Arts of Philosophy and the Philosophy of Liberal Arts at Black Mountain College


Panel #2 – Room 230

Moderator: Jeff Davis

The Music of Black Mountain Poetry I

Josh Hoeynck – Sticks to be Tossed: Charles Olson and John Cage at Black Mountain College

Sally Hansen – A Musical Phenomenology: Rhythm and Remembrance in Hilda Morley’s “Organic Form”

Deven Philbrick – Infinite Echo: Sound and Meaning in the Writings of Nathaniel Mackey


Panel #3 – Room 207

Moderator: Hilary Chiz

Charlott Greub – Between Field, Silence and Stochastic-Translating Musical Notations into Spatial Compositions

Elliot Inman – John Cage, the Student: Time at Black Mountain College

Seth Forrest – nature in her mode of operation: Cage, noise, and ecological thought


Panel #4 – Room 205

Moderator: Eric Baden

Kyle Canter – We Taught It In Action: Photography at Black Mountain College

Lilia Kudelia – The Scale of “Brazos River” (1976): the collaboration between Viola Farber, David Tudor and Robert Rauschenberg for Dallas television

Benjamin Lee – Avant-Garde Collaboration and Dispersal: John Cage and Sun Ra, Coney Island, 1986


Performance – Room 120

Rita Camacho Lomeli – The Zen Teaching of Huang Po, interactive group reading & discussion


Manheimer Room


Lei Han, Wayne Kirby + UNCA students – The Shape of Silence (90 minutes)


Outside (repeating)

Liquid Plastic (Adam Otto Lutz & Alan S. Tofighi) – Raw Utopics (Drive & Discontents) for RC car tire, ink, line follower, recorded audio, Geodesic dome


12:15 – 1:15pm                     

Catered Lunch


1:00 – 1:45pm                                   

Manheimer Room

Laura Kuhn (executive director, John Cage Trust) + Jade Dellinger (curator of Don’t Blame it on Zen: The Way of John Cage & Friends) performance of John Cage’s Indeterminacy with a screening of Merce Cunningham’s How to Pass, Kick, Fall and Run.


2:00 – 3:30pm                                   

Panel #1 – Room 207

Moderator: Rick Chess

Alex Porco – Becoming New American: M.C. Richards’s Zen Poetry and Poetics, 1951-1954

Holly Messitt – Hilda Morley’s Poetic Eye


Panel #2 – Room 230

Moderator: Tom Frank

Piers Gelly – Exquisite Corpse, or Human Centipede?: Experiments in Collective Authorship

Ken Betsalel & Heidi Kelley – Percussive, Noisy, and Silent: Honoring the Caged Bardo in Black Mountain Pedagogy

Joseph Pizza – John Cage and the Poetics of Silence


Panel #3 – Room 206

Moderator: Curt Cloninger

Abriana Jette – I have nothing to say / & I am making it: John Cage and New Media Studies

Paul Beaudoin – The Space Between: John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg, Stefan Wolpe, and Bill Viola

Jeff Hamilton – John Cage, the Epigram, and the anti-cult Cult


Panel #4 – Room 205

Moderator: Dave Peifer

Joseph Bathanti – Outside Inside: The Prison Writing and Teaching of Fielding Dawson

Joshua Unikel – His Plexigrams: John Cage as Typographer, Visual Poet

Nancy Tobin – Hearing A Sonorous Sculpture: Exploring Cagean Silence beyond 4’33”


Manheimer Room

Presentation / Workshop

Leap Then Look (Lucy Cran & Bill Leslie) – Reimagining the Light, Sound, Movement Workshop


Performance – Room 120

Happening: Ted Pope and Tom Murphy


3:45 – 5:15pm                                   

Panel #1 – Room 206

Moderator: Josh Hoeynck

The Music of Black Mountain Poetry II

Eric Keenaghan – Love, War, and the Masters of Measure: Black Mountain’s Queer Legacy, in the Music and Verse of Robert Duncan and Lou Harrison

Jeff Davis – Ta’wil: Olson’s Late Turn

Seth Forrest – “a clutter of unspecific forms”: Some reconsiderations of the music of Black Mountain Poetics


Panel #2 – Room 205

Moderator: Martin Tatarka

David Patterson – Beyond Cunningham: John Cage’s Transactions with the American Modern Dance Community at Large, 1942-54

Sara Wookey – Transmitting Trio A: An Unspectacular Dance as Spectacle in the Museum

Christophe Preissing – Writing on Water: Composition, Performance, and Audition in John Cage’s Musicircus and HPSCHD


Panel #3 – Room 207

Moderator: Heather South

Eric Baden – Black Mountain College and Mexico: Translation in Motion

Maura Doern Danko – What made the magic? What accounts for Black Mountain College’s wildly inspiring legacy?

Trevor James Smith – Painterly Listening: Musical Ekphrasis with Cage, Feldman, Albers, and de Kooning


Workshop – Room 230

Julie J. Thomson & Fritz Horstman – Leaf Studies Workshop


Performance – Room 120

Lindsay Packer – Viewfinder


4:15 – 5:45pm                                   

Manheimer Room

Everette Scott Smith – Performance of John Cage’s Ryoanji for Solo Oboe and Percussion Obbligato (1983) (17 min)

Christina Soriano  – For Cage, a dance performance  (11 min.)

Greg Stuart – triple/filter after/cage sound performance (40-60 min.)


8:00 – 10:00pm                     

BMC Museum + Arts Center (120 College St., downtown Asheville)

Carl Patrick Bolleia – John Cage Piano/Toy Piano Retrospective: Black Mountain Keyboard (30 minutes)

Thomas Moore – solo piano works by John Cage, with a focus on compositions written around 1952 and 1953 (40 minutes)


9:00 – 10:00am

Coffee + Conversation – Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center (120 College St., downtown Asheville)


Depart for Lake Eden Campus Tour

Carpools depart from BMCM+AC for Black Mountain College’s Lake Eden Campus Tour, led by Julie J. Thomson and David Silver

$15 per person – tickets sold separately from conference passes

In order to continue offering our annual Black Mountain College Lake Eden Campus Tour, we have instated mandatory carpooling. Please arrive at BMCM+AC at 120 College Street for Coffee + Conversation between 9am – 10am to pick up your parking pass and follow us to designated tour parking.