Saturday, August 24 – 7pm 

Flyer in a Dark Chamber

A reimagining of the mythology of Lilith, told through spoken-word, dance and music. Ten vignettes explore the stories of Lilith as the first wife of Adam, an empowered and emancipated woman, an outcast from Eden, the original vampire, the black madonna, along with contemporary figures such as Chikesia Clemons and Cyntoia Brown. Words by Alli Marshall, music by Elizabeth Lang/Auracene, movement by Sharon Cooper and Coco Palmer with special guests. 



Interpretations of Absurdity – Okapi and Edwin Salas 

Okapi presents anecdotes reflecting pieces of life’s mosaic, which involve complex confrontations with cryptic emotions and circumstances. Edwin Salas interprets these confrontations in visual form, embodying all the compromises and sacrifices woven into one’s decisions after facing life’s harsh ultimatums. 

$10 for BMCM+AC members + students w/ID / $15 non-members