June 8, 2019 – 7pm

Pia van Gelder, Peter Blamey, Nathan Thompson, and Jenn Grossman  

Performances will utilize processes that explore the material nature of the instruments employed – handmade electronics, solar power, feedback systems, and contained sound. 

Artists include Pia van Gelder, Peter Blamey, Nathan Thompson from Australia and Jenn Grossman from New York.  


Pia van Gelder is a Sydney-based electronic artist and researcher. Her work involves designing and building electronic instruments that are presented in performance and interactive installation contexts. Her works investigate our relationships with technology and energy. Van Gelder was a co-director of Serial Space, Sydney and is a Curator/ Coordinator of Dorkbot, a monthly event for lovers of electricity.  

Vicky Browne is a New Zealand artist based in the Blue Mountains of Australia whose work engages in sound as a core theme. Browne works in a speculative manner, building her own record players, iPods, and radios out of found materials, and it is this handmade quality that reveals a close connection to materials. Her work has been exhibited in numerous spaces nationally and internationally.

Peter Blamey is a Sydney-based artist, working across performance, video, recording and installation. His work explores the interconnected themes of energies and residues—often through reimagining and recasting our everyday encounters with technologies and the physical world—and also our experiences of energy generation, use and wastage. His work has been exhibited in both artist-run and institutional settings.

Nathan Thompson is a New Zealand artist based in Wollongong, Australia who works across sound, sculpture and drawing. He creates music and audio installations that use audio feedback to make analogous connections to the self-organizing properties of environmental systems. He has exhibited in numerous artist-run spaces including The Physics Room (NZ), Firstdraft (Australia), Audio Foundation (NZ) and public galleries in New Zealand and Australia.

Jenn Grossman is an experimental musician/sound installation/experiential media artist living and working in NYC. Lingering somewhere between philosophical, psychological, and artistic approaches to exploring sound and light, she is interested in ways that they heighten emotional, social, and sensory awareness, cause materials to transcend themselves and engage us in active modes of perception from the art gallery to the street.