Saturday, June 22nd – 7pm

FILMS@BMCM+AC: Reclamations of Blackness.

Vonnie Quest, filmmaker, curator, and founder of the Afro+ProjectionLAB, presents the cinema art program Reclamations of Blackness in which filmmakers use experimental modes of image-making to challenge cinematic notions of blackness. The program includes a post-film discussion led by Vonnie Quest. The film program includes: Under Bone by Dana Washington, The Water Will Carry Us Home by Gabrielle Tesfaye, Dappled Moira by Jamal Currie, Clean Water by Kamau Wainaina, Remnants of a Room by Vonnie Quest, and Decadent Asylum, by Amir George.


Image: Reclamations, film still from Under Bone directed, written and narrated by Dana Washington, cinematography by Kayla Reefer.