Sunday, November 27 2022 at 6 PM
“The Light/Dark Box” hosted by Skinner

103.3 Asheville FM

The 2022 Black Mountain College Radio Artists have been selected by BMCM+AC, AshevilleFM, and Make Noise for a series of innovative works for the radio inspired by the experimental spirit of BMC artists. This year’s open call for artists expanded beyond Western NC and was open to all.

BMC Radio Artists’ work will be featured in various programs on Asheville FM with an exclusive interview kicking off their featured month. At the completion of the broadcasts, a culminating listening session will be held at Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center to celebrate the work of the six radio artists: Casey Edwards, Erika Funke, Kamikaze Jones, Brett Naucke, Joo Won Park, Jonah Rosenburg, and charles theonia.

Jonah Rosenberg is a composer, musician, sound and multimedia designer based in Brooklyn. charles theonia is a poet, enthusiast, and transsexual without direction.

Everybody’s finally throwing a party for Beverly Glenn-Copeland. We offer these sounds as part of the growing celebration of his work. In this recording, Rosenberg covenes sonic elements of Glenn-Copeland’s songs with a reading of theonia’s poem, which incorporates words and phrases from his lyrics and interview material.