Friday, August 27 at 3 PM Eastern
“The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,” hosted by Greg Lyon

103.3 Asheville FM

The 2021 Black Mountain College Radio Artists have been selected by BMCM+AC, AshevilleFM, and Make Noise for a series of innovative works for the radio inspired by the experimental spirit of BMC artists. This year’s artists are based in Western North Carolina, with a focus on pushing the limitations of sound art, music, and performance.

Each month, a BMC Radio Artist’s work will be featured in various programs on Asheville FM with an exclusive interview kicking off their featured month. At the completion of the broadcasts, a culminating listening session will be held at Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center to celebrate the work of the five radio artists: Mike Holmes (Nostalgianoid), Thom Nguyen, Cilla Vee, Zazie Productions, and Michael Hatch.

Nostalgianoid is Asheville native Mike Holmes (he/him), a man of many coats who has established himself as an unpredictable artist with his emphasis on keeping every live set fresh and new. He’s been involved with a myriad of music scenes in this town since finishing college in 2014, whether it be producing for other artists, photographing shows, or playing in various bands of different genres. Now, he focuses on pushing his own craft and sound while also being a member of the local skateboard community aiding in the upkeep of our local DIY skatepark.