October 26, 3:15pm – 5pm
{Graham Theater, Walker Arts Center- Asheville School, 360 Asheville School Road}
An Artist Talk by Pablo Meninato and Jennifer Baker, at Asheville School, will detail the process by which the performance “Supper, People on the Move” and accompanying photography exhibition, “Portraits of People on the Move” were created. “Supper, People on the Move” is a dance performance that examines the complex experiences of dislocation and migration. The artists will provide context for the primary images that inspired them: The Border, The Train ‘La Bestia,’ the efforts of people overcoming obstacles to immigration, and more.
FREE and Open to the General Public
“Supper, People on the Move” will be presented by the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center and hosted at Randy Shull and Hedy Fischer’s 22 London Road Studio on October 27 + 28 at 7pm SOLD OUT