Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a life simulation game released by Nintendo this March, is celebrating Museum Day from May 18th – 31st, showcasing the importance of museums for communities around the globe. In addition to the in-game museum where players can donate artworks, fossils, insects, and bugs, players also have the ability to create custom designs to display and share. We are excited to offer the opportunity to bring BMCM+AC into your game through custom designs based on pieces from our permanent collection and inspiration to create galleries of your own.

We are joined by artists and museums around the world who have embraced this new platform to experience art under unprecedented circumstances. The Getty Iris opens up the Institute’s collection while the Met has made selections from their collection available for download. Some artists have even translated their studios into the virtual world.

Below you will find selections from our permanent collection which you can add to your game using QR codes. You can find a guide to create and download artworks here. We have also included inspiration for furniture items that you can customize in the spirit of Black Mountain College artists like Anni Albers and Stan VanDerBeek (as shown above).

We would love to see how you use these designs in your own gallery or virtual homes. Get in touch and share with us!

Visit our Museum from Home page to dive deeper into Black Mountain College history with digital exhibitions, performances, curator talks, and much more.

Click to enlarge and learn more about each artwork:

Header image: Simple screens customized with custom design inspired by Stan VanDerBeek, Poemfield No. 7, 1967. | Loom customized with custom design inspired by Anni Albers, Black White Yellow, 1926, re-woven 1965. Collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. | Created using