This is a story that will help me get ready for my visit to the Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center (BMCM+AC). In this story, I will learn what to expect when I visit, who are the people who can help me, and the different things I can do.

The Museum 

The museum is for artists who went to or taught at Black Mountain College, or have a connection to the college. There are lots of different types of art: photos, paintings, sculptures, and books. There are also sometimes performances, like dancing and music! The artworks change sometimes, so I can come back more than once and see something completely different. Right now, the new art is:

  • Paintings, drawings, and photographs
  • Sculptures of different materials like fabric, clay, metal, and plastic
  • Art that I can participate in – A staff member will help me if I ask
  • Videos with music
  • Music and noises which can be loud or soft
  • Books and poems

Every exhibition is different, and usually changes every 6 months. I can call the museum at (828) 350-8484 or email at to learn more about what kind of art will be in the museum when I visit.


When I get to the museum, if I need help opening the door, I can:

  • Knock on the door or front window and someone will let me in
  • Call ahead and let the helper on the phone know that I will need help with the door. I can call (828) 350-8484
Checking in for my visit

  • I don’t need to pay to visit the museum but I can make a donation of $5 – $10 at the front desk if I would like
  • I can make a donation with a credit or debit card by speaking with a helper or place cash into the fishbowl at the front desk
  • The staff and volunteers enjoy speaking with me about the museum and exhibitions but also understand if I would like a quiet visit


The volunteers and staff can help answer my questions.

Jeff Arnal (he / him)

Executive Director

Alice Sebrell (she / her)

Director of Preservation

Carissa Pfeiffer (she / her)

Development Manager

Maya Rosenbaum (she / her)

Communications Coordinator

The space

I can use the stairs or elevator to go between the two floors. If I need help with the elevator, I can ask a staff person or volunteer.

There are bathrooms and a water fountain downstairs. One bathroom has two stalls, the other has a stall and urinal. Both bathrooms have wheelchair-accessible stalls.

The exhibition

The rules:

  • We stay with our people
  • We can look but cannot touch the art. If we have a question, we can ask one of the helpers
  • We CAN open the drawers of the displays! There are more cool things to see inside
  • We use inside voices

Quiet Spaces

Everyone needs a quiet break sometimes. If I feel like I need a quiet place and I want to stay in the museum, I can go down to the library. There are chairs and a table to rest at. If I need to take a break outside, I can go with my friends and rest in the park across the street.