1:00 pm
REGISTRATION OPENS — UNC Asheville’s Reuter Center Lobby

1:30 – 3:00 pm
PANEL — Room 206 — Moderator: Wren Williams
Jay Miller – Politics at Black Mountain College
Heather South – Starting at the Beginning: Founding Documents and Ideals at Black Mountain College
PANEL — Room 205 — Moderator: Elliot Inman
The Makerspace as 21st Century Bauhaus:  A Black Mountain College in Every University (with Elliot Inman, Adam Rogers, David Romito, Lauren Di Monte) – In this discussion with members of three university makerspace programs, we will highlight the similarities between the modern makerspace and BMC from the challenges of finding a space (and then, sometimes, having to find another), how to engage faculty and students from multiple disciplines, how to build a sustainable community of interdisciplinary studies, the relationship between the business of making (or sustaining such a place) while retaining the freedom to pursue esoteric aesthetic adventures, and even how some modern technologies like 3D printing are more like hands-on crafts like pottery than people may imagine.  We will discus similarities and differences in the well-established makerspaces at NC State (NCSU Makerspace) and UNC (BeAM makerspaces) and a newer space at the University of Rochester (Tinker Space) with three people working in those programs whose own backgrounds in visual arts, biology, and cultural anthropology are as diverse as the cultures they help to create.
PANEL — Room 230 — Moderator: Brenda Coates
Ann Dunn – State of the union: the woman keeping postmodern dance on its toes, dancer Yvonne Rainer
Thomas Young – Gertrude Stein at Black Mountain College
Eriko Takeno – Rethinking the Quality of an Education Philosophy and the Methods Employed in Black Mountain College Regarding the Matter of the Hikikomori Phenomenon in Adulthood 
WORKSHOP — Room 120
Benjamin Wills – Creating Dialogue with Marginalized Populaces; Write a Letter to a Prisoner

2:00 – 2:30 pm
PERFORMANCE — Manheimer Room
Okapi presents: Anecdotal Confrontations with Reality – Asheville-based duo that utilizes double bass, cello, and voice through unconventional juxtapositions

3:15 – 4:00 pm 
FILM SCREENING — Manheimer Room
Erika Archer Zarow and Mary Emma Harris — Previously Unseen Films from Black Mountain College from the Estate of Hazel Larsen Archer

4:15 – 5:30 pm — Manheimer Room
Welcome by BMCM+AC Executive Director Jeff Arnal
A Brief Update on the Journal of Black Mountain College Studies with co-editors Julie J. Thomson and Thomas Frank
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – Introduction by Darin Waters Ph.D., Executive Director of the Office of Community Engagement, and an Associate Professor of History at UNC Asheville
Dr. Leslie King Hammond — The World of Jacob Lawrence

6:00 – 8:00 pm — BMC Museum + Arts Center, 120 College St., downtown Asheville
CONFERENCE and EXHIBITION RECEPTION — Between Form and Content: Perspectives on Jacob Lawrence and Black Mountain College
Food Trucks on Site


8:00 – 9:00 am


9:00 — 10:30 am

PANEL — Mannheimer Room — Moderator: Joseph Bathanti    

Appalachian State University Undergraduate Panel – First Encounters with Black Mountain College: An Introductory Undergraduate Class (with Joseph Bathanti, Zoe Chaplin, Grayson Fields, Abby Frye, Dylan Powell, and Tommy Young)

PANEL — Room 206 — Moderator: Melissa Burchard

Charles Darwent — New Worlds: The Art of Josef Albers at Black Mountain

Kate Dempsey Martineau — The Art of Mexico at Black Mountain College

Marcia R. Cohen — Josef Albers takes Command: I Like the Beat

PANEL — Room 205 — Moderator: Mildred Barya

Caroline McAlister – Bringing the Avant-Garde to America’s Children: The Children’s Books of Leo Lionni, Remy Charlip, and Vera Baker Williams

Andrea Heiss – Beyond the Frame:  Ed Dorn’s Transformation of Pop Culture’s Rifleman into a Postmodern Epic, “Gunslinger,” and the Influence of Black Mountain College

Alvis Dunn – The Creeleys in Guatemala: Memories

PANEL — Room 207 — Moderator: Elizabeth Porter

Michael Kellner – Negotiating a space between J.S. Bach and John Cage 

Paige Lunde – Breaking Fixity: John Cage, Art, and a New Understanding of Time

Dianne Loftis – Beyond Cultivating Vision (Using contemporary theories of social practice and phenomenology to reflect on the haptic and multisensorial practices at Black Mountain College) 

WORKSHOP — Room 230

Lee Lawson Stockdale – Poetry in Black & White. Write in place. Share. Then participants perform a collaborative poem at 2:45.


Curt Cloninger – Sad But True (8 hr performance) Chorus of the Metallica song “Sad But True” as a call-and-response duet with his pre-recorded and projected self for eight hours


10:45 – 12:15 pm

PANEL — Room 206 — Moderator: Damiana Gibbons Pyles

Black Mountain College Semester at Appalachian State University: An Exploration in Collaboration, Place, History, and People (with Joseph Bathanti, Mary Anne Redding, Damiana Pyles, Sandra Ballard, Tom Hansell, Ray Miller, Savannah Paige Murray, and Dianna Cameron)

PANEL — Room 205 — Moderator: Jeff Gardiner

The Black Mountain Poets Correspondences and the Emerging of the New American Poetry and Poetics (with Jeff Gardiner, Jeff Davis, Scarlett Higgins, Seth Stewart, and Matthew Hofer)

Jeff Davis – ‘My Muse Is Kleos’: Tying It Together. Charles Olson’s Correspondence with Ann Charters

Scarlett Higgins – Robert Duncan’s Letters: Black Mountain Correspondence and Letters: Poems 1953-1956

Seth Stewart – Teaching John Wieners

Matthew Hofer – ‘Olson prefers to call them letters’: Maximus and the New Epistolarity

PANEL — Room 230 — Moderator: Dave Peifer

Jason Andrew – Jack Tworkov + Franz Kline, John Cage + Stefan Wolpe, Katherine Litz + Merce Cunningham: The Summer Sessions at Black Mountain College

Jay Bonner – The Summer Photography Workshops and the Arrival of Jonathan Williams to BMC

Steven Lane – The Influence of the 1944 Black Mountain College Summer Music and Art Institute

WORKSHOP —Room 207

Martha Colburn — Animation Workshop

PERFORMANCE — Manheimer Room

Matthew Steinke – NOPLACE – Artist and composer Matthew Steinke performs the music and visuals for his latest work. The aural score, incorporating several of Steinke’s invented robotic musical instruments, accompanies live projections from closed circuit cameras, synced animations, motorized zoetropes, and the shifting shadows produced by an ensemble of mechanical devices.


Curt Cloninger – Sad But True (8 hr performance) Chorus of the Metallica song “Sad But True” as a call-and-response duet with his pre-recorded and projected self for eight hours   

12:15 – 1:15pm


12:45 pm


Second Look: Previously Unseen Films from Black Mountain College from the Estate of Hazel Larsen Archer

1:00 pm


Charles Darwent – JOSEF ALBERS: Life and Work, a critical biography of Josef Albers (Thames & Hudson 2018)

Julie J. Thomson, editor – That Was The Answer: Interviews with Ray Johnson (Soberscove Press, 2018)

Kate Dempsey Martineau – Ray Johnson: Selective Inheritance (University of California Press, 2018)

1:30 – 2:30 pm

KEYNOTE PANEL  — Manheimer Room — Introduction by UNC Asheville Provost Karin Peterson

Contemporary Artists Respond to Jacob Lawrence – Martha Colburn, Tyondai Braxton and Grace Villamil – A Roundtable Discussion moderated by Jeff Arnal

2:45 – 4:15 pm

PERFORMANCES — Manheimer Room

Eric Mullis (30 minute performance) – The Land of Nod: The Place of Independent Experimental Movement Performance in the Southeastern United States – a post-dramatic dance theater piece based on musical and choreographic structures used by the American Shakers

Lee Lawson Stockdale (15 minute performance)  – Poetry in Black & White

PANEL — Room 206 — Moderator: Juie Levin Caro

Performing the Archive: Jean Varda’s Trojan Horse and the Summer Art Institute of 1946 (with Julie Levin Caro, Jacob Brault, Anna Helgeson, and Warren Wilson College students) 

PANEL — Room 205 — Moderator: Alvis Dunn

Molly Warnock – Allegories of Embodiment: James Bishop at Black Mountain College and Beyond

Corey Loftus- Prayers in Thread: Anni Albers and the Jewish Commissions (1957-1965)

PANEL — Room 207 — Moderator: Mary Alm

Mabel Taylor – “A multiplicity of voices”: M.C. Richards as Black Mountain Historian

Katherine Markoski – Pat Passlof’s Black Mountain College

Dave Peifer – Max Dehn’s Black Mountain College Students

WORKSHOP — Room 230

Candace Buck – Anni Albers and the Art of Found Object Construction


Curt Cloninger – Sad But True (8 hr performance) Chorus of the Metallica song “Sad But True” as a call-and-response duet with his pre-recorded and projected self for eight hours

4:30 – 6:00 pm

PERFORMANCE — Manheimer Room

Eric “Rodent” Cheslak and Walker Farrell – (60 min) The Future Leaks Out a modular synthesizer piece for two performers, in which spoken word audio recordings are cut up in a similar manner to the Surrealist “Exquisite Corpse” game

PANEL — Room 207 — Moderator: Brian Butler

John Roche – Enacting the Glyphs: Charles Olson’s “Projectivist” Poetics for Page, Stage, and Screen

Borin Song – Exploring Artistic Innovations and Traditions through Cross-Cultural Learning: Bridging Black Mountain College and Korean Traditional Painting

Joseph Pizza – Black Mountain Blues: Charles Olson, Amiri Baraka, and Jazz    

PANEL — Room 205 — Moderator: Tom Murphy

Five poets who contributed to the Stone Renga (Tail Feather Press 2017) project, will read a poem by one of the BMC poets and their own poetry-(with Jeff Davis, Hilary Holladay, Lyman Grant, Tom Murphy, and Ted Pope)

PANEL — Room 206 — Moderator: Greg Lyon

Julie J. Thomson – Black Mountain College Reflections: Ray Johnson, Rivers, Wildflowers, Photography, and Geodesic Domes

Shana Dumont Garr – Notes from the Woods: Observing the Spirit of Black Mountain College and the Tradition of Utopian thinkers on Contemporary Art in New England

David Silver – Who Built the Barn at Black Mountain College?

WORKSHOP — Room 230

Susan Lowell de Solórzano – From Bauhaus to Biotensegrity: Black Mountain College’s Summer Program, nexus in the history of tensegrity


Curt Cloninger – Sad But True (8 hr performance) Chorus of the Metallica song “Sad But True” as a call-and-response duet with his pre-recorded and projected self for eight hours

6:00 – 10:00 p.m.

SAY IT LOUD – An exhibition of contemporary art from the collection of Hedy Fischer and Randy Shull, including work from eighteen prominent African American artists including Kehinde Wiley, chosen for the official portrait of President Barack Obama and ninety-two year old Betye Saar, a founding member of the Black Arts Movement in the 1970s.

22 London Rd., Asheville, NC 28803 



9:00 am
COFFEE + CONVERSATION  Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, 120 College St., downtown Asheville 

10:00 am
Carpools depart from BMCM+AC for Black Mountain College’s Lake Eden Campus Tour led by David Silver and Alice Sebrell — $15 per person

In order to continue offering our annual Black Mountain College Lake Eden Campus Tour, we have instated mandatory carpooling. Please arrive at BMCM+AC at 120 College Street for Coffee + Conversation between 10am – 11am to pick up your parking pass and follow us to designated tour parking.