Announcements for 2021 to come

1:00 pm
REGISTRATION OPENS — UNC Asheville’s Reuter Center Lobby

1:30 – 3:00 pm
PANEL — Room 206 — Moderator: Nancy Ruppert

Mary Emma Harris: The Bauhaus and Black Mountain College: Envisioning an Education for a New Kind of World

Thomas Edward Frank: How Not to Start a College: Black Mountain Among the Experimental Colleges


PANEL — Room 205 — Moderator: Sharmin Hasan

Elliot Inman: Natasha Goldowski:  Science, Cybernetics, and High Speed Computing at Black Mountain College

Dave Peifer: The Life and Works of Max Dehn


PERFORMANCE — Manheimer Room

Identity in the Post-Digital Age: Lei Han with UNC Asheville students Lucy Ackerman, Alondra Arias, Sarah Chao, Sophia Chirico, Kendell Ely, Alexander Ernteman, Sam Farrar, Jeffrey Fulcher, Eli Helms, Nay Chi Hlaing, Kem Ra Skhert Joseph-Achikeobi-Jess, Micajah McCurry, Maryanne Morgan, Miles Neyen, Jetsun Peangmeth, Kevin Phillips, Chloe Sanders, Myles Thomas, Sarah Tomczak, Clara Tucker and Taylor Wilson.

3:15 – 4:45 pm
PANEL — Room 206 — Moderator: Jay Miller

Michael Beggs: Color and Weltanschauung: General Education in Josef Albers’s Color Course

Julie Levin Caro: Bauhaus to Black Mountain: Josef and Anni Albers Works on Paper: A Virtual Exhibition Tour

Andreas Luescher: Josef Albers Homage and the Transformation of Self   


PANEL — Room 205 — Moderator: Kate Averett

Jeff Davis: Nothing Doesn’t Happen Except As Succession: Charles Olson’s Later Poetics

Heidi Kelley and Ken Betsalel: For Love: Projected Verse and the Teaching of Ethnographic Poetry


PERFORMANCE — Manheimer Room

Aparna Keshaviah: Mātrika


WORKSHOP — Room 230

Joséphine A. Garibaldi & Paul Zmolek: Laptop Performance Laboratory: Meaningful Work with Meaningless Devices

5:00 – 6:00 pm — Manheimer Room
Welcome by BMCM+AC Executive Director Jeff Arnal


Sara VanDerBeek, artist and daughter of BMC alumnus Stan VanDerBeek, and Chelsea Spengemann, Director of the Stan VanDerBeek Archive. Translating the Archive and Transposing the Studio: Collaboration as a practice and as theme in the work of Stan and Sara VanDerBeek

6:30 – 8:30pm — BMC Museum + Arts Center, 120 College St., downtown Asheville
CONFERENCE and EXHIBITION RECEPTION — VanDerBeek + VanDerBeek curated by Sara VanderBeek and Chelsea Spengemann

7:00pm PERFORMANCE: Max VanDerBeek, percussion artist and son of Stan VanDerBeek, will perform a live percussion response to the recently digitized footage Stan VanDerBeek created with Merce Cunningham as part of their larger collaborative work entitled Variations V.

Food Truck on Site


8:00 – 9:00 am


9:00 — 10:30 am

PANEL — Room 207 —  Moderator: Alvis Dunn

Aaron VanSteinberg: “Superspace is Looming”: Robert Creeley’s Daybook of A Virtual Poet and the Reprogramming of Poetic Experientialism

Jeff Gardiner: A Poetics of Primary Materials: from Bauhaus to Black Mountain, from Albers to Olson



David Silver: When the College was Female


WORKSHOP — Julie J. Thomson: Environmental Humanities at Black Mountain College : Ray Johnson + Rivers, Hazel Larsen Archer + Trees, Jonathan Williams + Bluets, Stan VanDerBeek + Willow Reeds + Making John Cage’s Mud Pies

10:45 – 12:15 pm

PANEL — Room 206 — Moderator: Seth Rouser

Seth Rouser – Just By Chance: A Commemorative Performance for the Merce Cunningham Centennial Celebration

Kelly Ozust – Van Dyke and Chance Operations

Julianna Hane – Chance Operations in Aerial Dance


PANEL — Room 205 — Moderator: Jeff Davis

The Further Range: Extending Black Mountain Poetics

Michael Seth Stewart – “Fey” Projective Poetics: John Wieners, Robert Duncan, Michael Rumaker and Charles Olson

Joshua Hoeynck – Process Philosophy and Pedagogy: Charles Olson’s Reading and Teaching of Alfred North Whitehead at Black Mountain College. 

Stephen Williams – A Poet in the Clouds: Jack Sharpless.


WORKSHOP — Room 230

Candace Buck: Repurposing Fallen Woods of UNCA: Weaving on Miniature Looms. 


PERFORMANCE — Manheimer Room

Ann Dunn, choreographer, with seven members of The Asheville Ballet: Contours in Space: for Ruth Asawa

12:15 – 1:15pm


1:30 – 2:30 pm

Manheimer Room —

A Celebration of Michael Rumaker

This year we said goodbye to Michael Rumaker, BMC alumnus, writer and LGBTQ+ advocate. Those who knew Michael or who were influenced by his work are invited to speak, read, recite, dance, sing or otherwise perform in his memory. This is in keeping with his wishes that he and his work be remembered through a “joyous and gay occasion and a celebration” of his life. All are welcome to attend, with no conference ticket required. If you would like to participate in the celebration or if you have any questions, please respond to Alice Sebrell at by Sept. 16.

2:45 – 4:15 pm

PANEL — Room 205 — Moderator: Carissa Pfeiffer

Manuel Beltrán Alcántara: Black Mountain College: Architecture to Teach to See

Charlott Greub: Interdisciplinary Lessons from the Idea and Process of Drawing Notations in Music and Architecture


PANEL — Room 206 — Moderator: Greg Lyon

Eric Baden: Moving Pictures: Photographs, Intervals, and Edges

Quynh Lam: Using Photography to Address the Lost and Forgotten History

Ariadna Lorenzo Sunyer: Opening Eyes and Opening Minds: The Uses of Slides at Black Mountain College


PANEL — Room 207 — Moderator: Casey Watkins

Nick Boone: The Black Mountain Poets are Dead. Long Live the Black Mountain Poets! 

Ant Lobo: Talking in Code: Queer Sensibility At and After Black Mountain College

Joseph Pisa: Black Mountain and the Black Arts Movement



Joseph Bathanti: Poetry Reading

Thom Young: Poetry Reading

4:30 – 6:00 pm

PANEL — Room 206 — Moderator: Candace Buck

Adam Blair: Creative Perception as Embodied: A Multi-layered Experience of Art

Craig Fischer: Chance and Multimedia Aesthetics in Barbara Rubin’s Christmas on Earth (1963-5) 

Alexis Zanghi: Willing Buyer, Willing Seller: Robert Rauschenberg’s Canyon and the Commodity Form


PANEL — Manheimer Room — Moderator: Curt Cloninger

Hyemin Kim: Second life of B.M.C. Poetry in Computational Cinema: Bifurcating Materiality of Words in Stan VanDerBeek’s Poemfield Series

Thom Young: The Black Mountain Rhizome in the Experimental Vein of American Verse



Ted Pope: Swannanoa Song River Information Network Tributaries


9:00 am
COFFEE + CONVERSATION  Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, 120 College St., downtown Asheville

10:00 am
Carpools depart from BMCM+AC for Black Mountain College’s Lake Eden Campus Tour led by David Silver and Julie Thomson — $15 per person

In order to continue offering our annual Black Mountain College Lake Eden Campus Tour, we have instated mandatory carpooling. Please arrive at BMCM+AC at 120 College Street for Coffee + Conversation between 10am – 11am to pick up your parking pass and follow us to designated tour parking.