Black Mountain College Portfolios

Ant M Lobo

This body of work, Black Mountain College Portfolios, was scheduled to be shown at the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center’s 10th annual {Re}HAPPENING festival, on the grounds of the historic Lake Eden campus. Ant M Lobo’s exhibition, (Re)Visions, and the festival were cancelled due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. All of the photographs were taken on an Argus C3, a BMC era appropriate camera, during the BMCM+AC’s ReVIEWING Black Mountain College conference in September 2019.
Ant M Lobo is a queer curator, artist, and writer. They studied studio art with a concentration in analog processes in photography at Appalachian State University. Their studio practice and scholarly research are heavily focused on and influenced by Queer Modernism. Much of Ant’s work explores queer narratives, sexuality, and gender. Ant’s work was most recently published in Pilot Press London’s Queer Anthology of Wilderness and Paul Soulellis’ URGENCY READER 2. Ant is also the Director of Exhibitions at VAE Raleigh.