A musical performance

Saturday, December 3, 2011 8:00 p.m.

$7 / $5 for BMCM + AC members and students w/ID
Limited seating

The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center in downtown Asheville is pleased to present Variations on the Long Note on Saturday, Dec. 3rd at 8:00 p.m. This performance will feature six musicians accompanying the Long Note from the John Cage Halberstadt Project in Germany, based on a piece titled Organ2/ASLSP for organ that Cage wrote in 1985 with the recommendation that it be played as slowly as possible. It began in 2001 and is slated to go on for 639 years ending in 2640. Performers include: Jason Scott Furr, Ross Gentry, Tom Pazderka, Shane Perlowin, Chandra Shukla and Vincent Wrenn.


See the website: http://www.john-cage.halberstadt.de/ for more information about the Long Note.


This performance is presented in conjunction with the exhibition John Cage: A Circle of Influences which focuses on the visual art of the musician, composer, philosopher, poet, music theorist and amateur mycologist John Cage. Cage (1912-1992) was a man of many interests: music, mushrooms, Zen Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy, visual art and dance. He pioneered the practice of "preparing" the piano by inserting objects into the strings, thereby altering the sound of the instrument in radical ways. He worked collaboratively for many years with choreographer/dancer Merce Cunningham and with fellow musician David Tudor (both of whom were also at Black Mountain College). Cage's most famous (and infamous) composition is 4'33", first performed by David Tudor in August of 1952. The piece lasts for precisely 4 minutes and 33 seconds during which time the pianist sits at the piano, consults a stopwatch and turns the pages of a score, but never strikes a note on the piano. This courageously conceptual work confused and outraged audiences and established Cage as an iconoclast and radical thinker. While at Black Mountain College in 1952, he staged the first "Happening" in the United States, a multi-layered performative event that changed modern theater completely. The exhibition continues through Jan. 14, 2012.


The Black Mountain College Museum & Arts Center preserves and continues the unique legacy of educational and artistic innovation of Black Mountain College for public study and enjoyment. We achieve our mission through collection, conservation, and educational activities including exhibitions, publications, and public programs.

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