Festival on the Hill: Music at Black Mountain
UNC Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC
March 30th to April 2 2006

The 2006 Festival on the Hill will showcase a particular part of North Carolina history—the musical legacy of Black Mountain College. In the 1930s and 1940s, the College became a haven for renowned Austro-German artists escaping the tyranny of the Nazis. In turn, radical American composers and artists such as John Cage and Robert Rauschenberg came to Black Mountain to study with these refugees and their circle. Together they produced works that shook the foundations of twentieth-century Modernist art. The Festival will include a two-day academic conference and four concerts related to Black Mountain’s musical life.

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THURSDAY, March 30

8:00: CONCERT 1, Memorial Hall

Music of the Second Viennese School:
Webern, Five Pieces for String Quartet, Op. 5;
Arnold Schoenberg, Second String Quartet, Op. 10;
Alban Berg, Lyric Suite.
Brentano String Quartet (with Elizabeth Keusch, soprano)
Preconcert talk by Severine Neff

FRIDAY, March 31

9:15-10:15 Keynote:
Mary Emma Harris, New York, NY. Director of the Black Mountain Project and author of The Arts at Black Mountain, “Black Mountain College: Socrates and Schoenberg in the Blue Ridge Mountains”

10:15-10:30: Break

10:30-12:45 Session 1: Black Mountain and the Second Viennese School
Elizabeth Keathley, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, chair

Jonathan Hiam, University of Hawaii at Manoa, "Reconstructing a Shaken Culture: The Second Viennese and the Black Mountain Summer Music Institute of 1944."

Áine Heneghan, University College Dublin, ‘Schoenberg’s Formenlehre and Performance Practice’

Sabine Feisst, Arizona State University, “Schoenberg Reception in America (1933-51)

2:00-3:15: Session 2: Heinrich Jalowetz and Black Mountain
Severine Neff, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, chair

Gerold Gruber, University of Vienna—Music and Performing Arts and Arnold Schönberg Center, Vienna, Austria: “A Documentary Portrayal of Heinrich Jalowetz”

Interview: Lisa Jalowetz Aronson, Upper Grandview, NY
Gerold Gruber, University of Vienna

3:15-3:45 Break

3:45-5:00 Session 3: Performing the Second Viennese School
Nancy Perloff, Getty Research Institute, chair
Brentano String Quartet

8:00 CONCERT 2, Hill Hall

David Holzman, piano: Bartók, Schoenberg, Webern, Wolpe


9:00-11:15 Session 4: Harrison, Cage, and Tudor at Black Mountain
John Wright, Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, chair

Ethan Lechner, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “A Round World of Music: Lou Harrison's Poetics of Human Universals”

David W. Bernstein, Mills College, “John Cage’s 'Defense of Satie' and his String Quartet in Four Parts”

Nancy Perloff, Getty Research Institute. “Collaboration and Performance: The Inspiration of Black Mountain College for David Tudor”

11:15-11:30 Break

11:30-12:30 Session 5: Stefan Wolpe
Austin Clarkson, York University, with David Holzman, New York, NY: “Form and Antiform: The Music and Lectures Stefan Wolpe Composed at Black Mountain College (1952-1956)”

12:30-2:00 Lunch

2:00 Traditional Performance:
“Turtle Dove” and “Welcome Hither” Judith Rhodes, folksinger

2:15-3:15 Session 6: Remembering Black Mountain
Jonathan Hiam, University of Hawaii at Manoa, chair
Don Gillespie, C. F. Peters, New York, NY
Mary Emma Harris, New York, NY
Patsy Lynch Wood, Boulder, CO
Lisa Aronson, Upper Grandview, NY

3:15-3:45 Break

Ashley Yandle, Raleigh State Archives, chair
All participants in the conference

6:00-7:30 CONCERT 3: Hill Hall

Piano Sonata, Op. 1, Alban Berg
Thomas Otten, piano

Sechs kleine Klavierstücke, Op. 19, Arnold Schoenberg
Aaron Likness, piano

Phantasie for Violin with Piano Accompaniment, Arnold Schoenberg
Richard Luby, violin
Beth Tomlin, piano


Lied der Waldtaube from Gurrelieder, Arnold Schoenberg
Terry Rhodes, soprano
Thomas Otten, piano

Chamber Symphony, No.2, Op.38B, Arnold Schoenberg
Barbara Rowan and Francis Whang, duo-pianists

8:00 Dinner for participants, Carolina Inn

SUNDAY, April 2

3:00 CONCERT 4: Reinventing Black Mountain

Psalm 122 from Four Pieces for Mixed Chorus, Stefan Wolpe
Arrangement of Schoenberg’s country music Canon by Allen Anderson
UNC Chamber Singers, Susan Klebanow, conductor

Root of an Unfocus for prepared piano, John Cage
Aaron Likness, piano

The Banshee, a piece with extended piano techniques, Henry Cowell
Samuel Gingher, piano

Suite for Toy Piano, John Cage
Jennifer Smith, piano

Cantata for War for Mixed Chorus, Darius Milhaud
Carolina Choir, Susan Klebanow, conductor


La Diva d'Empire, Erik Satie
Terry Rhodes, soprano
Mayron Tsong, piano

Trois Mélodies, Erik Satie
Stafford Wing, tenor
Thomas Otten, piano

Double Concerto for Violin and Cello, with Javanese Gamelan, Lou Harrison
Richard Luby, violin
Brent Wissick, cello
Gamelan Nyai Saraswati (Ethan Lechner, director)

Theater Piece, No.1, John Cage