Current Exhibition

Ray Spillenger: 
Rediscovery of a Black Mountain Painter
On display until May 21, 2016

Ray Spillenger studied with Willem de Kooning and Josef Albers at Black Mountain College during the summer of 1948. This exhibition comprises two decades of his work from the BMC era to the late 1960s. Spillenger’s paintings demonstrate a total commitment to abstraction and a passionate love of color. read more

Ray Spillenger, Untitled (Small Zig 10), c. 1965-70, oil on canvas, 19.75 x 29.75 inches. Estate of Raymond Spillenger. WBO-25. Photo: Leslie Schwerin

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April 8 – 29, 2016
Occasionally, when the college atmosphere became too intense, Josef Albers would announce a week-long “interlude” when everyone in the community was expected to take a break from their studies and pursue activities unrelated to their course work. It was a time to recharge, recalibrate and refocus